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Post Labor Day Parking Jagoff Trio

Have you ever heard of the “Peter Parker Trio?”  Nope, they were not a Doo-wop group on the last WQED membership  drive!  The photo above is a Peter Parker Trio and there’s no singing involved, except for the drivers whining about not having a parking space close enough to suit them so they took whatever damned space they wanted.

If you have no idea why we call these #PeterParkers, click here.  It’s been a while since we posted any.

The pic of the white SUV came to us from the Bethel Park area.  Seems this elderly woman didn’t find a space in front of the hair dresser she was going to so she decided to take both of the only two spots in front of this video business.  And don’t let us hear that she was going to only be a few minutes.  By the time those ladies get in there, get the color mixed correctly, have it applied, get under those huge hair-helmets and kibitz, by yelling back and forth, about how to change the world, it is a day-long EVENT!  In the meantime, who cares if anyone has to walk to the video store, right?  As long as the hairdo looks good for Labor Day… (which means she went home Friday night and wrapped that hairdo in toilet paper.)

Then ya have the SUV at the Richland WalMart….the tweet with it notes the fact that, while the SUV was in this spot, a handicapped vehicle was looking to park:

handicap van waiting to park. Jagoff taking up space on both rows.

Seriously??  This one is so blatant we didn’t even need our Jagoff-estrator to mark up the pic!  This person truly needs to live a week in a wheelchair with an infected bladder and an all bran diet… we would then block all access to all bathrooms for 23-ours of each day.

Then finally, not sure what to do with the cycle parking pic.  For one, we all know how frustrating it can get to be searching for that last parking spot, think you found it and, as you turn into it SURPRISE there’s a motorcycle tucked away in that spot.   But then, ya have THIS guy…..just takes a random NON-SPOT at Ross Park Mall.  Well, we did a little digging, it turns out this motorcycle-er has special status parking at this specific shopping location… his name is Ross Parkmal!!!!!!!  (Okay not really… we really have NO idea!)

The point.. people around our area still have no concept of parking and being considerate of other WHILE parking!  We have proposed numerous punishments including using one of our very own PeterParker notes that you can print yourself HERE.

Or even better, before taking the pic of the Peter Parker, take some chalk and write our website on the ground near the car!



In the meantime, learn how to park people, before we take you over to Sycamore Street and have you learn how to parallel park with a manual transmission, Ya Jagoffs!!


Thanks to Sue Donaldson and Bryan R. from Facebook and @Evil Dan Bylsma for being our Honorary Jagoff Catchers for today’s post!



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