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Buggy/Shopping Cart Jagoffery – Missed Connection

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So I’ve used the Jagoff-estrator to highlight two things.  I didn’t want you to think that the buggy (as we call in in Pittsburgh) was left there by a random person and that you should feel sorry for driver of this car who may have received damage from the errant buggy. Beeeecauuuuuse…..the person who left the buggy where you see it is the driver of the car that you see.

Just loaded her trunk and put the buggy right there!

As you can see, she’s about 4 parking spaces away from taking the buggy back to the store and, behind the camera, she’s about 6 parking spaces from putting it in the buggy-wrangler.

I was tempted to say something to this woman and video record the interaction on my phone but I chickened out.  So, I thought, I’d post a “Missed Jagoff Connection” for her. Her ya go:

M4W (actually Jagoff Blogger 4 Shopping Buggy Jagoff)

You were walking with your cart.  A very capable walk. You quietly put your groceries into your car.  Of course, this was right after you pushed that buggy out of the store, in front of me, while trying to read you phone, therefore causing me to want to run you over.  I was desperately looking for my “18-wheeler air-horn” soundboard to scare the @#$@ out of you and help you focus on the task at hand….getting to your car so that I could also get to my car.

You slowly approached your car and pressed your automatic trunk button as your hair tossed in the gentle breeze.  I passed you, went to my car and loaded my Poptarts, Saltines, 2-for-1 bag of tortilla chips and the large container of guacamole that I got for 99-cents with a coupon.

Then there I was getting into my car and, there YOU were pushing your buggy about 15″ from your car so that it would be out of YOUR way but in someone else’s way.  I picked up my smart phone and told myself, “Go talk to her. Make a difference in her life.  Let her know you care aaaaand… get her reaction to what you say on video just in case she laughs like Chewbacca Mom!

But I didn’t… I just sat there and stared at you with as you backed out of the parking spot and took a picture, later which I drew on!  I held my breath with excitement…

I’ve thought of you every day until I could write this blog post. Email me if you see this post because I’d like to spend time together showing you how to be a more considerate person. But if we remain a missed connection, know this…. I was wishing sooooo hard that you would have backed into that damned buggy. But you diddn’t… I was highly disappointed.  Too bad you’re a better car driver than a buggy returner, Ya Jagoff!


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