Saturday, September 19, 2020
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    YaJagoff Podcast

    #PeterParkers on the “H”

    Hey.. if you're reading this before 10am Eastern.. turn on KDKA AM or, if outta town, tune into the KDKA News Radio on the RadioDotCom app.  John and Rachael...
    PeterParker CVS

    Let’s play a game called.. “Who Parked First?”

    Let's play a game called.. "who parked here first?" There I am and there is sick-Rach in the passenger side. We were on our way to a meeting and made...
    Jagoff Parking #PeterParkers

    The First #PeterParkers Pic of 2020

    Hmmmm.....I think my man got a little confused over terms perpendicular and parallel in geometry class! Perhaps they parked before the recent fog lifted at St. John's in Perryopolis. Perhaps...