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John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck are Pittsburgh jagoffs (the term of endearment version of jagoff of course) who cofounded YaJagoff Media, LLC. With decades of experience eating, drinking, shopping, living, and being among yinzers, we birthed the Pittsburgh-centric company encompassing all things related to the 412, oh, and the 724.

Those decades of “Pittsburghing” heightened our experience in the marketing and media realm, spreading our talents beyond the ‘Burgh, and to companies and organizations in cities like Cleveland, Harrisburg, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and more. With a library of multimedia assets that include a blog, podcast, and videos used for social media and YouTube, the YJ team provides strategic and reliable marketing initiatives and content to increase brand awareness for businesses and events. We are content creators who cause engagement and interaction within our promotions and campaigns.

Being creative in this biz is 101, so we take the importance of content to the 401 level with humor, wit, and experience that we create locally, regionally, and nationally. Then we “ABLE” it: memorABLEand shareABLE that is.

We look forward to working together and welcome any questions! If you are interested in learning more about all of our services or just want to reach out to say hello! Don’t be a Jagoff… Connect with us!

We are serious about supporting Pittsburgh.

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