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Fudge, it’s Sundae! 

November 3, 2020

Fudge and candy and ice cream, oh my!  That is what to expect with shop owner Molly Rainey at Fudge Farm on the South Side.  The jagoffs received an amazing vision and voice with KDKA’s Kym Gable, chatted film with Steel City movie mogul James Quinn, plus Dan Sty the music guy gave us some life and music lessons.

MUSIC: Dan Styslinger  


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Question of the Day:

Fave sundae topping? Cup or cone? Dry napkin or handy wipe?

5:26 Molly Rainey

Co-owner Molly dishes out the Fudge Farm’s different and delicious candy and chocolate-coated treats! Every milkshake is fittingly named after bars on East Carson Street and their backstory to making their dreams a reality is as sweet as it gets. Did we mention the fun swings right in the shop?

14:47 Kym Gable

Emmy and Telly-award winning producer and KDKA-TV reporter/anchor Kym Gable talks about how she got the “Y” in her name and how story-telling can make the best, heartfelt stories when producing uplifting stories throughout Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Deeply involved in non-profits, she pretty much has a heart of gold, but what did Rach caution her NOT to watch in her downtime?

31:29 James Quinn

Pittsburgh-based actor and producer “JQ” James Quinn stays sweet on the podcast, but can be seen in his featured film, “Checkmate” playing a notorious serial killer. You can catch this film streaming on Prime Video, Google TV, and YouTube NOW while getting more of him in “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Sandman” also.  Plus, Southside is a familiar backdrop, what makes it so welcoming for Quinn? 

45:19 Dan Sty Music

Lover of puns, Pittsburgh based multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger, producer, podcast host and educator Dan Styslinger joins the podcast to chat music and the love of teaching it while dishing out a rad record too! Did we mention he’s going to be a lawyer some day?

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