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Movie Theaters Are Opening … Don’t Be a Pop Machine Jagoff

Pop Machine Jagoffs

Ok.. maybe things are heading back toward a little more normal or maybe not but.. some movie theaters are getting ready to re-open. Keep in mind, because of the new theater seating maximums, you may go see a super good movie but the theater might look like you’re at the 290th showing of …hmmmm… let’s see…..Howard the Duck 17.

Also, you my NOT be able to serve yourself butter for your popcorn or pop. But, JUST IN CASE you are permitted to get your own pop from the fountain machines, please try to be cognizant of the people behind you. Remember, you’re not one of those latte artists!

When getting your own pop (if you’re allowed), remember these simple things: You DON’T have to make sure that you fill your cup to the very top to get your money’s worth.  You don’t have to block the machine with all of the extra squirts to fill your cup, i.e.:


Tsssst, tssst!  (A couple of shorter bursts pops the foam bubbles and fills the cup ALMOST to the top)

Tsssst, Tsst, Tsssssst! (spill some foam out)

Tsssst, tssst!  (Top off the cup again)

Tsssst! TssssssssstTsstTssssssssst! (Poke floating ice and foam with finger, lick finger, Tst!

You also DON’T have to stand at the machine and put your straw in the lid or take a sample sip! You’re not getting over on the movie theater beverage manager so don’t try to empty the fountain tanks into your cup or your belly at one time.

How about THIS unselfish thought….get out of everyone else’s way, drink what you have, and ONLY come back (standing 6-feet away from another person) when you NEED more pop, Ya Jagoff!!!!

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