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What We Mean When We Say….

Sometimes we use our own phrases and terms on this website.

Here’s what we mean when we say….

Block-blocker – A motor vehicle maneuver, usually done by insecure and other ignorant people, designed to prevent someone from changing lanes or crossing traffic

“Cluster Truck” Situation – Name for a situation that is a total mess, caused by a truck or bus. There’s really a DIFFERENT name in the real world but this is a family-friendly website.  

Jagoff-estrator – Just like a sports telesrator, we draw lines on things to help explain what is going on

Jagoffery – The act of being a Jagoff

“Newspaper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” – Printed news outlet in Pittsburgh that banned the use of the word Jagoff so we banned the use of THEIR name.. initials are P.G.

PeterParkers – Well, there’s a nickname for “Richard” that one might use to describe how these people park BUT “Peter” seems like a better word since, this is a family show, AND it flows better ….with Parker so you get, “Peter Parker” but Peter Parker is Spiderman (shhhh don’t tell anyone we said so) therefore..we went with PeterParkers

Soap Word – a substitute for a swear word… kind of like #$!$$ only better.  A word my mom would soap my mouth for using.


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