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#YaJagoffPodcast: Rivers of Steel is a Jagoff’s Big Deal

July 27, 2021


The jagoffs provide a blast of history with some woven legacies at Carrie Blast Furnaces thanks to Rivers of Steel Director of Historic Resources and Facilities, Ron Baraff, along with ghostly tales by Carrie Furnaces’ employee TJ. Conversations continue to blossom in the iron garden walk with Doug Oster while owner of Steel Kitty Productions owner Deb Cook brings community togetherness and Juli Wright brings piano-based folk-pop.

Music: Julianne Wright




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We could rattle off foods Pittsburgh is known for, what drink is Pittsburgh to you?

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5:22 Ron Baraff

Director of Historic Resources and Facilities of Rivers of Steel Ron Baraff rattles a historical timeline of Carrie Blast Furnaces that puts Pittsburgh on the map for iron production and into the perspective of what it really meant for our region. Plus, gear up and explore with many tour attractions to choose or take a stroll in the Iron Garden Walk!

20:39 Doug Oster

Gardening with Doug Oster is back at it again with appreciating the natural growth of the Iron Garden Walk at Carrie Blast Furnaces. With garden tips to learning about what grows in and around the industrial furnaces, he’ll turn that green thumb right side up (even if Rachael doesn’t have a green thumb.)

35:24 TJ

Ready for a ghost story? Gather around closely with TJ and listen to his spooky-inspired tales of the grounds at Carrie Blast Furnaces. From thirsty voices to shadow figures, you may want to say an extra prayer before listening. If it’s your thing, schedule a haunted tour coming this fall or carpool to their horror movie night!


45:59    Deb Cook and Julianne Wright

Owner of Steel Kitty Productions Deb Cook talks about empowering musicians with the Millvale Music Festival and iconic Mr. Small’s while highlighting her other ventures in events and live entertainment. Plus, she knows the Cats Meow in her interviewing show on her YouTube channel!

After a brush with brain surgery, newly piano-based folk-pop artist JuliAnne Wright reawakens old dreams and fosters a renewed sense of purpose with her music, which really blossomed during the pandemic. Writing a song a day last July, she has a whole list and you can listen to her released songs right here!


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