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Pirates vs. Mets – Baseball (literally) Jagoffery

Pirates vs. Mets fair ball

Yesterday, the Pirates took a 6-0 lead on the Mets in the first inning.

Part of the reason is the baseball in the pic above.  It was barely a hit but, it was a hit and it was eventually called fair by the home plate umpire.  Luckily the Pirates’ base runners just kept running around the bases, like peeps being set free from a 6′ x 6′ apartment with no internet or TV after 19 months of Covid quarantining.  In the meantime, the Mets stood around on the field thinking that the ball was foul. It wasn’t. We scored lots of runs. The Mets’ manager, Louis Rojas, went outta his mind mad… like someone-took-the-last-parking-spot-at-Ross-Park-Mall-during-Christmas-shopping-after-you-waited-with-your-blinker-on-for-10-minutes-for-the-previous-car-to-vacate-that-spot level of mad!

Watch the video and listen to the call from one of our favs, Pirates broadcaster Greg Brown HERE

Rojas got thrown out. The game ensued and, despite getting a quirky 6-0 spot, the Pirates eventually lost 7-6.

Whodda thunk that a wayward baseball would cause such emotional stress.

Hey Mr. Rojas, losing your cool is fair but bumping and umpire gets ya a no-no.  You should have just gone back to the clubhouse and written us to call that ball or the home plate umpire a jagoff. Instead, you’re gonna get a fine and who knows was else for slam-dancing the home plate up… Ya..Jag… oh.. wait.. we STILL lost the game.. never mind!


NOTE: DEF go listen to Greg Brown HERE. One of the most exciting baseball calls we’re gonna get this year!

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