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The “Dorp” Type

YaJagoff Blog Typos

Oh.. howzabout some of those hydorponic tomatoes.  Guessing there’s not a spellcheck on the veggie-and-fruit sign printer.  We always say, typos kill punchlines.  In this case, the typo IS the punchline.

The good news is no animals were harmed during this typo and neither were any humans.  In the meantime, someone has a new kind of  t’mata… abbreviated name, THE DORP-DROP TOMATO!  Ask for it at your local market, farmer’s market and especially at the Sparkle Market.

And someone please hire a grocery sign proofreader before this typo thing turns into selling UMions and VULVAcados… Ya Jagoffs!


Thanks to MaryMac of the MaryMac Bakehouse Podcast for being today’s #jagoff catcher.

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