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Parking Jagoffs

It’s a “Peter Parker” Wednesday!

This is a different “Peter Parker!”  (Don’t know what a Peter Parker is?  Click here for the SPLA-nation!)

Remember that kid in high school that collected all of his ski lift tags on his jacket zipper?  By the end of the winter he looked like he had a pile of recycled newspapers hanging from his coat!!!

Well, he’s now a family man and we found out where he parks downtown!!!  Fifth Avenue.

If you look closely at the pic above, there must be 6 or 8 invitations to the Pittsburgh Parking Authority’s annual “Peter Parker Ball!”  It’s like a rolodex of parking tickets on his windwshield!

And this isn’t one of those cases where you can just get in the car, turn on the wipers, and pretend that you can SWISH the ticket away …thinking that, when the subpoena comes, you can use as your excuse, “I never saw it.  Are you sure you have the right car?”

What really tops it all off is the pile of BIRD DOO-DOO right next to the tickets!! Even the birds think you’re a…. well… you know…. Nothing like a little bird poop to boost one’s self esteem.

But  wait!  Maybe this guy’s on to something!!!  Maybe he/she just keeps these violation slips in his glove compartment and, when he pulls up to a prime parking spot, he slaps them his windshield???  VOILA…Parking camouflage because he is now invisible to the meter maid!  (Maybe not!)

Hey, guy, with those stack of fines, you’re like the James-Harrison-Matt-Cooke of Peter Parkers!  When you go to fight these, make sure you cat-call the meter maid by referring to them as Brendan Shanahan or NFL Comish, Roger Go-ta-hell!

The bad news is, when Harrison or Cookie get a fine, they only have to close one or two of their Christmas Club accounts to pay it.  We’re thinking that this stack of tickets is gonna set ya back more than a few missed lunches at the Souper Bowl.

How about THIS unique idea for the next time, parking in an actual parking garage, Ya Jagoff!

 This is Nurses Week.  Click HERE for our little video for nurses.

Don’t Forget To Get Your Beach or Sideline Chair!

Tell everyone, ”This is MY seat, Ya Jagoff!”

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