Friday, January 15, 2021

Criminal Jagoffs

    Jagoff Bank Robber

    Horrible Bank Robber Disguise

    Not sure what to say other than ask the question, “Was it worth it?” Sometimes burglars get caught by doing something stupid like leaving a cell phone at the scene,...
    YaJagoff Podcast - Fake Cop

    Another Cop Impersonator (With a Plastic Badge)

      Well... this is story is just in time for Halloween.. ok.. maybe it's a little early but not as early as the Halloween KitKat bars that have been in...
    The YaJagoff Podcast Heinz Ketchup


    Today's Blog Rach.. because John gags over the the smell of ketchup.. let alone blogging about it! As a child I never took even a lollipop from a bank...