Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Criminal Jagoffs

    Johnstown man steals lingeriee Jagoff

    A Bad Lingerie Lift

    So to get this blog post started, we thought: every awesome law-breaker had/has a cool nickname... BabyFace Nelson, Chicken Man, etc.  This guy deserves a name like Nipples Malone! Nipples...
    YaJagoff Podcast Dumb Criminal

    So He Swam in the River To Flee the Po-po But…

    Yep... you see that correctly. A criminal wrecked some cars then jumped into the Monongahela River to get away from the cops. Well... since he wasn't able to swim...
    YaJagoff Blog Post Dewey DooDoo

    Dewey Got Dropped Shipped Some Dog Doo-doo

    Hmmmm... who does this kind of stuff?  Wait... what ADULT does this kind of stuff?  Wait...even more, who does this kind of stuff knowing full well that Post Offices...