Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Criminal Jagoffs

    Teacher Identity Stolen Jagoff

    One “Bad Apple” Keeps the Teachers Away

    Yeah.. I know that phrase is supposed to be "... keeps the Dr. away" but, teachers are associated with apples somehow too so I took some literary license. This teacher...
    YaJagoff Criminal Jagoffs

    Jewels In the Undies

    So this guy.... tries to be a robber but... Excerpt from Police are searching for a suspect’s gun that he allegedly dropped in between breaking into a home, shoving a...
    Marijuana Car Jagoffs

    Lamar Kincaid’s Hyundai Elantra Ran Out of Gas and Then…

    Lamar Kincaid's Hyundai Elantra ran out of gas. We've all been there.  Or, remember that time when you packed your car to the hilt and then got a flat...