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Criminal Jagoffs

One “Bad Apple” Keeps the Teachers Away

Teacher Identity Stolen Jagoff

Yeah.. I know that phrase is supposed to be “… keeps the Dr. away” but, teachers are associated with apples somehow too so I took some literary license.

This teacher allegedly was stealing drivers licensees from her fellow teachers and using those licenses to make fake merchandise returns. And, allegedly, each time she would meet with a fellow teacher, their license would be conspicuously gone after. One teacher went to legit return merchandise at a local store and the store rejected her… too many returns.  What? Huh? Well…store video showed our “bad apple” teacher peep returning stuff with a stolen I.D. See full story on

Well, since we are talking about stealing (allegedly) let’s steal a few teacher cliches.

Hey Bad Apple Annie (fake name just in case you weren’t sure), you’be apparently been exhibiting some challenging behaviors but you can still earn back your break if you behave from this point on. Please put down your #2 pencil and pass all of your allegedly stolen ID’s to the front. Do you mind sharing your secret with the rest of the class?  If the judge could have a whole class of alleged criminals like you, they would. Now that you’re caught, it is YOUR time that you’re wasting, not mine. FYI.. we have a visitor today, so please be your usual lovely self.. (hint: it may be you’re defense attorney)… YaJagoff!

Thanks to WTAE’s Katelyn Sykes for the original story.

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