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Criminal Jagoffs

Lamar Kincaid’s Hyundai Elantra Ran Out of Gas and Then…

Marijuana Car Jagoffs

Lamar Kincaid’s Hyundai Elantra ran out of gas. We’ve all been there.  Or, remember that time when you packed your car to the hilt and then got a flat tire? You had to unpack all of your goods on the side of the road to get to the spare tire.

Well… Lamar Kincaid’s car ran out of gas so he tried to push it off the road by himself.  He ended up pushing it too much, over a hill, which it then smashed a gas line at someone’s house.  Story at

The unfortunate thing is, Lamar’s car was full of marijuana plants…the trunk, the back seat, etc. Guess what the cops found when they came to check out the crash?

Yep! All of the some 29 marijuana plants.

So many obvious lessons to be learned here so let’s move right along to the defense. Lamar, here’s our free legal tip: Tell the judge you are a biofuels researcher and that you had jumper cables attached to those plants trying to see how far you could get on 29 plants.  Make some kind of drawing on a napkin that looks like you thought this thru one night, explain how you and your friends thought it was genius and you were working on a $2 million dollar NHTSA grant!

Don’t worry.. you don’t owe us anything for that! We realize how genius of an idea that is.

On the other hand…we have zero ideas on what you’re gonna say to the person who was hoping to get the plants to sell the weed!

Dude! Next time ya have such “precious” cargo…scrape some coins off of the floor, empty your swear jar or even check the sweeper container for coins… either way.. do whatever it takes to get yourself some GAS…YaJagoff!

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