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YaJagoff Podcast Whiskey Walking Tour

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This Tour Was Made For Walking 

February 4, 2020

What do you get when you add hot toddies to a walking tour with a few Philadelphians, a New Yorker, some yinzers and an amazing tour guide with a knack for history? A Walk the Burgh Tour with a whiskey theme with the jagoffs!

Music: Elias Khouri

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Question of the Day

In honor of the Burgh Tours, if you could create your own walking tour, where would it be and what topic would you discuss?

5:15 Thomas Shivone

Wigle Whiskey bartender, Thomas Shivone certainly has the “spirit” when talking about craft cocktails, taste in whiskey, and the history behind Wigle– like it was pronounced ‘Vigle’. Find him whipping whiskey cocktails at the Wigle tasting room at the Omni William Penn Hotel.

11:08 Corrie Thearle

With a master-class whiskey wisdom, Corrie takes Rach and John on a dahntahn adventure passing buildings with structures that talk history, and a tie-in to whiskey thanks to Walk The Burgh Tours. Who is the pettier jagoff, Carnegie or Frick; and most importantly, whiskey is spelled HOW?!

20:40 Jim Kimsey

All the way from Delaware County, Philly chesesteak enthusiast, Jim, learns a thing or two in jagoffery AND fries on sandwiches! Listen as he gives some philly food insight and his take on Carson street.

30:20 Elias Khouri

A self-taught bass player, Elias Khouri credits YOUTube for mastering the strings.  He entertains the small touring group in the Wigle tasting room via guitar while hitting the high notes. Ireland, London and the Big Apple are all on the docket for performances this year.

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