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A New Saturday Feature: Pittsburgh’s Concierge

Pittsburgh's Concierge

Welcome to Pittsburgh’s Concierge. I am Robert Miles.


Some of you may already know me as a frequent guest on the Ya Jagoff Podcast.


Currently I am officially retired! I knew that with my now free time, I wanted, needed to allow myself time to get involved in projects that evoke passion within me.  Sharing the gifts of this remarkable metropolis is but one of those passions and the impetus of the initial conversation with Ya Jagoff. I am honored and thrilled with this association with John and Rachael and the entire staff at Ya Jagoff Media and Marketing. What we all have most in common is our obvious interest and love of our city and a genuine deep mutual respect of one another.


I have lived primarily in this beautiful city since 1975 when I arrived here on a sunny late summer

day in September as a 17 year old freshman college student. I immediately fell in love with this Burgh.

The topography, the history, the most awe inspiring views, the rivers, the sunsets but more certainly, her people! That love affair has only grown and matured.


My experience has been that many people question, “Why would I consult a concierge?”

The word derives from “keeper of the keys”. You must be trust worthy to have access to all the keys.

As far back as 1697 a concierge was the person that you went to if you were inquiring about

well, just about anything. A concierge is expected to be trust worthy, a person of quality. Ethical and above reproach. Of integrity. You must know your way around and be familiar with and comfortable in all circles. You are expected to be knowledgeable about many subjects and that your responses are factual and accurate. I am a research guy. If I make a statement, you can be assured that I have done the research.


Most recently I held the position as the General Manager at the Allegheny Inn. Prior experience

runs the gambit from Window Designer at downtown Kaufmann’s to International Ballroom Instructor to State Champion Hair Designer to Head Concierge at the largest hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh. I am an art major, hair designer, fine arts painter, floral designer, landscape designer, avid gardener, interior design consultant. I have been in movies, had a modeling career, designed large events and small intimate weddings. As you can see I have varied and curious interests and hobbies and have learned to manage my obvious OCD.


I started Downtown Concierge Services (now Pittsburgh’s Concierge) over 5 years ago as an outlet, a way to share my knowledge and interest in this city. I had noticed that with the influx of tourism that there just weren’t enough accessible information regarding entertainment offerings available in our area.


We are so fortunate to live in a vibrant, quickly changing city that, like the Phoenix, has emerged even more beautiful from literal ashes. Our area is experiencing a magnificent revitalization. The music scene is exploding. Comedy has found it’s way on newly renovated stages and in small intimate venues. The food and libation sector is constantly evolving, invoking an enthusiasm the likes we have never seen. Theater is popping up everywhere. Local art and artists are showing in private homes and pop up spaces throughout. Just so much to see and do and right here!


My mission is to research, scout out and talk to the people out there that are influencing the wave

of change in the landscape of our area then bring that to you. I look forward to getting to know each of you as you become more familiar with me. My intention and hope is to share my knowledge, curiosity and love of all things Pittsburgh with you.


I will be seeking out and sharing the most obscure and interesting in local businesses, arts, entertainment, food, music, fashion and any other subject that I think may interest a broad section of readers and listeners.


Most Sincerely Yours,

Robert Miles


You can also follow me:

Facebook at “Pittsburgh’s Concierge

Instagram at “Pittsburghsconcierge

Twitter at “pghconcierge



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