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Inanimate Jagoffs

Cellphone Voicemail Jagoffery

Voicemail Jagoffs

This is one of our few INANIMATE JAGOFFS.

So you call someone’s cell phone.  The person you are calling doesn’t answer.  You get a voice mail message that says, “Hi, you’ve reached…” or “Hi, this is (insert name here) I’m not able to blah, blah, blah” or even better, “You’ve reached Tom, Marge, Amy, Billy, Gunther, Spot and Snuggles the kittycat.  We’re not home …(well, you get it)” 

Then comes our pet peeve…….After the personal message tells me to leave my number, an automated Mrs. Cleaver-type voice gets on and tells us to “Leave a message after the tone.” REEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLY?????????  Then she goes on to say, “When you’re finished with your message, you may hang up…”  REAAAAAALLLY?

It’s 2020.  Is there ANYONE that does NOT know what to do AFTER THE TONE?  As a matter of fact, is there anyone that actually needs directions on what to do BEFORE THE TONE???  Is there anyone that has no idea that a tone is coming on at some point?

We realize there are alot of big issues going on these days – potential wars, the flu, the impeachment stuff….. and then even BIGGER issues like the Pirates making the moves to teenagers.

BUT.. in our little piece of the world, we ask, “Hey AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Nextel Hell, T-Mobile, we may be stupid enough that we have to read the directions on how to fill out a Powerball QuickPick ticket but do we really need instructions on what to do before and after the tone?”

So please discontinue your voice mail lady.  Send her out to record some GPS voiceovers so that we can just leave our $#*@% message, YA JAGOFFS.

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