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YaJagoff Chalkboard

Written by Rach!

When my kids were just starting to be able to help with daytoday activities, we implemented a chart system. They loved to see the checkmarks they received when completing a task, and of course were rewarded.  

Fast forward to the teenage and preteen years. This scenario is a bit different. It goes something like: 

Me: I am sick and tired of doing…(thanks to the 1980Bill Cosby live skit for my sick and tired, AND here is where we can insert basically any verb or household chore.) 

Again, just like the 1980s standup from Bill Cosby, my children look at me perplexed because they have busy schedules. The same perplexed look I receive from my husband when he is missing long johns for work, and our 13-year-old ironically has new pajama bottoms that are clearly way too big. 

With no patience left this weekend, I lost my **** and reinstated the checklist. I sternly explained that I was no longer the hired help, since I noticed my bank account was dry. I dug out a chalkboard and said let’s do it. Back to the days of accountability. The difference is checkmarks no longer rewards, they simply keep you in check daytoday. 

They buzzed about it all weekend, mainly mom has lost her mind grumblings, but before bed last night they went to draw their chore columns on the chalkboard. Low and behold, day one it is blank.  

They are teenagers and preteens and no longer have chalk. After all, they reminded me that we tossed the not used items from the playroom that was which became the workout/hockeyretaining/somewhat game/art center area of the house. Guess my note to them this morning will be buy some chalk or figure out a new check and balance system, Ya Jagoffs, texted! 

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