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#YaJagoffPodcast: Kickboxin’ Near the Rox n’at Podcast

May 18, 2021

The jagoffs met Tim the tool man Taylor and Taris at Bobby D’s over some jagoff beers and got the scoop on this kick boxing reform class. So, we called Arthur Moats and headed for the class with all the tools to get in shape, along with Leaky Faucet to (insert clap) pump us up! 

Music: Leaky Faucet 



The lot looks a little different, the inventory a little thinner. But Honda has a warehouse of cars to suit your needs.  And if we haven’t mentioned enough, now is the time to trade in your car to get the best value for it, as well as a new or pre-owned gem of your own. Visit the showroom in Bloomfield and tell them the jagoffs sent you, there may be an incentive. As always visit for all of your vehicle needs.

Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

Question of the Day:

What is that thing you recently ate that is haunting you, so this kickboxing class is perfect timing? 

What was on the blog:  

Not even close (parking at North Fayette mall) 

Mattress Driver 

Phipps Conservatory Video 

Broken City Steps 

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4:10 Tim Taylor

Owner of ilovekickboxing in Kennedy Township, Tim Taylor has all of the tools you need for an energizing workout. From unique holiday themed classes to music blasting workouts, the ILKB mind and body exercising trains you on six punches and six kicks at affordable prices. Roundhouse kick your way here! 

16:34    Arthur Moats

 Arthur Moats returns gladder and badder (and slimmer) than ever.  He boasts life-balance workout routines and quality family time, with snack-filled movie nights and drive-thru indulgences. Between the Ben and Jerry’s and healthy routines, finding your workout is a journey and not a destination. Check him out on YouTube to get caught up on Moats life! 

35:42    Taris Vrcek 

McKees Rocks CDC by day, musician by night, Taris Vrcek of the Leaky Faucet brings his music crew to blast some upbeat blues tunes while highlighting one of their songs, “Life Goes On” off their newest EP, “Battle Scars.” Rolling with the punches, they’ll be coming to music venues or parking lots this summer, even a vinyl release party come August, perhaps! 


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