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Watch Yer Step, Ya Jagoff!

WPXI YaJagoff Blog Post

Walk a half block or ignore the sign to not use steps that eliminate minutes when rushing to be on time for work in the morning? Less walking and rule breaking is gonna win.

So many point outs on this jagofferey in Brookline:

  1. The condition of the steps is deplorable and unsafe.  I am sorry in yinzer terms as stated, crumbling and caving slabs of concrete with weeds growing over them. Plus water continues to pour out.  I mean once that freezes it is gonna be slippy.
  2. The risks have been pointed out since March and grant money was supposed to be used to correct the problem.
  3. When WPXI knows about something, they file that stuff and follow up.  So do what you say you are gonna do or face the team of WPXI reporters who may have attended a Rick Earle zoom or two about revisiting past stories.

In all seriousness, the problem was reported months ago and the set of stairs had a yellow caution type warning to not use the steps.  But the steps are an immediate avenue to the bus.  So, obey rules or be late for work? And using the stairs more break down the concrete more causing more damage. What a catch 22. Like stated in the article, you get in trouble for not maintaining your grass, but these steps aren’t repaired?  Take the proper steps in pedestrian protocol, ya jagoff!

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