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Parking – Not Even Close


C’mon… not even close!

Did they run out of gas?  Doubtful because it’s nice and straight.  Did this driver fail the spatial relations test in grade school, middle school, high school and in life?  Maybe. When packaging leftovers, do you think they always misjudge the size of the container as compared to the amount of leftovers? Our guess it is not a hair stylist.. you know.. because they pull your hair up in their fingers and trim along the line of the previously cut hair.. unlike this person who DIDN’T use the line of cars to judge where they were.  Bottom line, probably just lack of attention to detail.. just in a hurry to get a potted plant for mom at the store!

Either way, welcome to the category of #PeterParkers here on the blog.  If you’re a dude with these kind of targeting skills, I’d hate to see the floor around your toilet, Ya Jagoff!

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  • dryer vent Wizard

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