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#YaJagoffPodcast: Behind (the scenes) at Women Who Rock 2021

October 19, 2021


Big names line up to rock the future of women’s health and progress in research, thanks to Women Who Rock 2021.  Rachael and John spotlight one of the largest bands (and fund raisers!), The Vindys, along with Joan McSorley, director of marketing communications at Magee Women’s Research Institute & Foundation.  Pink carpet analyst, digital content producer and socially conscious journalist, Natalie Bencivenga drops by, and of course, the woman behind WWR and the all-woman creative team, Melinda Colaizzi.

Music: The Vindys “If I Want” from Bugs



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  • Question of the Day:

Who is or was a woman who “rocked” in your life?

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3:51    The Vindys

The Youngstown, Ohio-based band, The Vindys, are to Youngstown what the Clarks are to the Burgh, along with a female lead who sounds like Adele. Jackie Popovec, and the rest of the band boys talk favorite pizza joints, new album, “Bugs,” and realize they may have forgotten their vinyl option for their debut at Stage AE. No worries, merch is available here.

22:49   Joan McSorley

Joan McSorley, Director, Marketing Communications, Magee Women’s Research Institute & Foundation shares the importance of women’s health affecting all health, their influence on a mostly women-based research staff, inspiring medical stories, and the Magee-Womens Summit on Nov. 16-18.

39:19    Natalie Bencivenga

Socially conscious journalist, media personality, and digital media consultant, Natalie Bencivenga, walks the pink carpet to showcase the women who rocked the cause for Women Who Rock and teases her new YouTube show, Heating Up Show, which intertwines plant-based cooking with a sprinkle or two of environmental activism and social justice topics.

52:35   Melinda Colaizzi

Leader of Women Who Rock and singer-songwriter for Melinda and the Night Sky, Melinda Colaizzi, quickly spotlights the entertainment who storms the stage in order to empower the women in music and influence the future of women’s health for the Magee Womens Research Institute and Foundation.

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