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Is It Public Typo Week?

Jagoff blog post

Is this typo jagoffs week?  Did you see our road typo the other day?

Well, this sign was posted on the door of the East Liberty Dollar General.  Hard for us to feel like we’re not being set up on this one. Maybe this is like one of those 17 mph signs you see in driveways. They’re made just to catch your attention.  While we don’t know the photo credit for this, we did verify that this was real.  (NOTE: If you do not the photographer, please send them to us! We have a little prize for them.

Meantime, we know it’s hard to get employees right now. So, did the target hire a 4th grader?  Do their employees call off with a note from their mom?  “______ is sick today. Please send his work home with his brother who works at register 3!”  We kind of see the person writing the sign with their tongue sticking out of the side of their tight-lipped mouth.

Difacotty’s sounded kind of like an awesome baked good that we could get exclusively at Moio’s Italian Bakery in Monroeville.

DG… we’re giving you credit for today’s blog and how entertained we were by this. Can we please see the job application this person submitted … YaJagoffs?


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  • North Country Brewing

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