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A Dumpster Fire Story – Not the Steelers or the Pirates

Dumpster fire jagoff

Right.. this is a dumpster fire story that is actually a dumpster fire story.. not a story about the Pirates’ 2021 season or the Steelers sitch.

This lady is accused of starting dumpster fires.. no reason stated..with pizza boxes and, while doing it, eating some pizza out of the pizza boxes. (See full story on

“A criminal complaint filed against Robare said surveillance footage showed her going into a dumpster behind Pizza Milano on Fifth Avenue and setting pizza boxes on fire with a lighter. She also could be seen eating leftover pizza out of a box while lighting more boxes and paper on fire and placing the burning items in the dumpster to start a fire,”

No confirmation if said dumpster fire was to warm leftover pizza or if it was to provide a sexy ambiance for eating the pizza. Even more crazy, she allegedly used one of those problematic electric scooters to go to another dumpster and set IT on fire!

Guuuurl.. what are you thinking. The weather has been so nice. You can’t even say it was cold out and that’s why you started the dumpster fire…NEXT TO A BUILDING!!!

Your potential defense?  We say, tell them you are GIF maker.. you make those quirky little videos that people use on the internet every day.  Tell them you’re an artist. Oh wait.. you put local firefighters at risk and a building AND ate pizza while doing it. Looks like the new dumpster fire story is all YOU.. YaJagoff!

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