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URGHHHHHH!! Steelers Lost To……. No Way.. Just No Way!


Well, hard to believe we’re writing ANOTHER one of these Steelers-lost-to-a-Scrub-team-that-the-Clairton-High-School-team-could-have-beaten posts.  But we are.

If ya want a technical wrap up, here’s a good one from blogger Jason-Jayden Robinson that pulls no punches. If ya wanna rant cuz you just need to get this off of your chest so that you can focus and move on, this is the place.


Not liking the Mike Wallace drops

Not liking how the Steelers just don’t seem to get their heads wrapped around a sub-par team

Yeah, we know there’s that “Any Given Sunday” thing but REALLY???  The Browns and now the Chargers??

Totally wondering what Coach Tomlin is thinking with this clock stuff and CA-RAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE play calling.

But, we are not yet ready to call our team Jaaaagg… well… you know!!!

They’re still our team and we have to stand behind them.  So that just means everyone else that we come in contact with today is going to have the unfortunate circumstance of bearing the brunt of our Steelers/Chargers frustration while we work through this anger… many apologies to EVERYONE ahead of time that catches the mis-directed frustration…

No dog, you don’t need to go out for a walk, who left the the basement lights on all night, no.. you DON’T need to raise the thermostat.. put a sweater on, make your own lunch for school… your 8 years old for CRISSAKES, who left the car with a 1/4 tank of gas, who in the hell puts a bus stop at green lights, hey.. that’s the spot where I always park…so I guess it’s up to ME to start the first pot of work coffee, emails SHMEEE-mails.. they can wait I’m gonna be on Facebook all morning checking the status of the NHL lockout,  yes.. I AM ticked off about the game yesterday so return to your cubicle, someone PA-LEEEEEEZE teach the guy down the hall to fix paper jams in the photocopier, is it going to rain ALL winter, no.. I didn’t get my Christmas tree this past weekend, the gas pedal is the pedal on the right.. I’d like to get home before dark.. oh wait.. it IS dark already, I hate changing the clocks, no dog, you STILL don’t need a walk…besides, its dinner time, I don’t feel like cooking so SOMEONE order a pizza, Ya Jagoffs!!!!!!!

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