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Media Jagoffs

The Name “Post-Gazette” Banned From Jagoff Newsroom and Blog


WOW!  A fire storm of “Jagoff” use last week in the print media over the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” banning the use of the term “Jagoff.”

We thought about not writing about this issue since so many others did but, then we thought, last August CBS-Pittsburgh awarded us “Blogger of the Year” award.. AND USED OUR NAME.  Then, last week we got all “pee pants” excited when Pittsburgh Magazine announced that we were recognized as their 2012 “Best Local Blogger” in the readers’ poll AND THEY USED OUR NAME.  So we figured, now that there is a ban on the term “Jagoff” at the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” there is ZERO possibility of winning any type of award there soooooooooooooooooo here’s our post.

The “deets” in case you missed them.

The “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” writer, Rebecca Sodergren wrote an article about Ex-Pittsburghers WANT for Pittsburgh things.  She wrote: “Dem Jagoff didn’t cut my chip chop ham right, n’at.” (Click HERE for article)

THAT led to David Shribman, executive editor of the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us,” distributing an internal email that included, “The word “jagoff” has no place in the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” or “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By”

Then THAT led to the Pittsburgh City Paper’s Chris Potter writing an inside-back-cover full page about the history of the word Jagoff then a national media monitoring blogger, Jim Romenesko to post something about how silly this “ban” is.

Finally, Beaver County Times writer, J.D. Prose, used the issue to call out some political jagoffs.

So here we are. What to do?

We’re not about calling anyone at the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us.” Their writing staff can be pretty cool.  As evidenced by someone in their company leaking this silly memo.

Here are our thoughts on what we CAN do:

We need to ban together and figure out how we can get the word “Jagoff” into the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us.”  Might it be one of our followers placing a CLASSIFIED AD for a garage item or job or whether it be a company that sells mirrors that writes this into their ad, FFOGAJ so that , when you hold it in a mirror, you see it.  First follower to verify some type of sneaky placement gets a $100 gift card from us.

Second, we are going to suggest to the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” that additional terms/ phrases be IMMEDIATELY removed from the publication due to possible confusion for offensiveness:

  • Ho (as in Santa’s Ho-Ho-Ho or Hawaiian singer Don Ho or his sister who is indeed a Ho unless she gets married and changes her name)
  • Hoe (as in garden hoe)
  • Screw (as in a cylindrical rod incised with one or more helical or advancing spiral threads)
  • (In the comments section below, feel free to add OTHER potentially offensive words)

In the meantime to Mr. Shribman of the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us,” LIGHTEN UP, especially with how the term “Jagoff” was used in the original article….(waaaait for it)…..Ya Jagoff!!!

Don’t forget to check out our t-shirts.  Proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research at Magee Women’s Hospital.

Click the pic.

FYI, we totally realize that our “ban” will have zero affect on the “News Paper Whose Name Is Now Banned By Us” but it was FUN to write.


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