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Driving Jagoffs

The Lame Lane Changer


So you’re sitting in post-game or rush hour traffic.  The light in front of you is 40 cars away.  It turns green then yellow then red. And now the light in front of you is 32 cars away.  The light turns green then yellow red and you are now 24 cars away from the light (26 or 27 if the driver at the front of the line was dozing, texting or gazing off). The light turns green then yellow… well….. you get it.

Sitting in traffic is a way of life at certain times of the day but that doesn’t any make it LESS frustrating…especially when the Lame-Lane-Changer is in front of you!!!

The photo above has two examples of the Lame-Lane-Changer!!  GAWD it’s frustrating when you finally get to the light and BOOM.. they flash the, Oh-shoot-I-meant-to-be-over-in-THAT-lane-but-I-wasn’t-paying-attention turn signal which brings a HALT to everyone else behind them until someoneone in the other lane, NICER THAN US, let’s them in!!!

What were you doing the last 200 feet of solid white lines and signs that said “LEFT LANE TURNS LEFT??????”

This driving stuff isn’t that complicated…. there are signs EVERYWHERE telling you what’s coming up!!

Get off your phone, get the puppy off of your lap, don’t worry about changing the radio station, forget about unwrapping your gum, stop thinking about the grocery list, quit counting the change in your cup holder or putting your makeup on and pay attention to the ROAD………….(say it with me)…… YA JAGOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks to Twitter follower @alnarcisi for being an awesomeo follower and our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.


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