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Driving Jagoffs

The Eternal Turn Signal – CAPTURED ON VIDEO!!!

First, there was a hockey game yesterday.  Nothing needs to be said other than, we’re shocked but life has to move on.  If you’re having trouble moving on, read the pic below out loud.  You’ll feel better and be able to function in your daily life after.

Now let’s get to our eternal turn signal guy.  Dashcam guy would be proud of us.  If you’re new here, click HERE and you’ll see Dashcam guy’s fine video work that we have posted here.  He gets a post here once every month.

So there we were, driving on one of the most troubled roads in the Pittsburgh area.. the infamous Route 28.  For those unfamiliar with Route 28, if this road had the ability to feel emotions, it would feel about as well liked as Penguins defenseman Paul Martin.

So there we are passing the Millvale ramps and merging over to the left so that we are not in the “Exit Only” lane for Highland Park.  And we’re wondering, what is holding up traffic?  So we pull over to the right lane and see this Siemens truck (pictured above), sauntering along at the speed of a 5-year old on a Big Wheel, in the left lane WITH HIS RIGHT TURN SIGNAL ON.

So we get back into the left lane figuring, the funeral-like line behind the Siemens truck will move forward just as soon as the Siemens truck gets over to the right lane.  BUT…. he doesn’t move over.  As a matter of fact, for at least the next 3 miles, he CONTINUES to drive in the left lane with his right turn signal on!!!!  Here’s some video proving it.

So we stopped the video before you could see the guy’s face and you might be surprised to know that his hair was not grey!!  He was a young cat just tooling along with absoutley NO CLUE that he was holding back traffic AND riding with his turn signal on past, at least, 4 exits including Highland Park, Delafield Road, Fox Chapel and Blawnox!

Big guy, not sure what your focused on when you’re driving the Siemens truck but, one suggestion, focusing on DRIVING when you’re driving the Siemens truck might not be a bad idea for the future.  And that beeping-thingy thats going on in your truck is not on the radio, its the alarm telling you that your turn signal light has been on for over 90-minutes!

And by the way, those things on the sides of your vehicle are called MIRRORS!!!!  Those mirrors can actually be USED for driving purposes dontcha know….TO SEE THE TRAFFIC PILING UP BEHIND YOU WHEN YOU’RE TOOLING AROUND MILKING YOUR HOURLY WAGE BY NOT DRIVING THE SPEED LIMIT in the fast lane, Ya Jagoff!!!


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