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J&D Waterproofing Fireplace Tour Visit #2 Murph’s Turf  

January 12, 2021

Chris Murphy and work partner Vince Merlina are helping live music venues to regain their stages, Katie Dudas and Elyse Levkulic AKA Burgh Nosh are helping the local food scene curb their menus with an easy Pittsburgh hashtag, and Mark Ferrari crunes about the black and gold. Harry “Larry” from J&D had a hard time finding a reason to service the Murph Turf, but is a porch a possibility?

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4:00 – Harry Larry

Harry “Larry” reunites with the jagoffs and warms up on the second stop of the J&D Waterproofing Fireplace Tour at Murph’s Turf!J&D Water proofing & home improvements Inc specialize in almost every facet of home improvement, even asphalt and the coveted metal roof that is the hottest trend. Or is it coolest?

7:09 – Chris and Amanda Murphy

Fireplace homeowner and owners of Fuzion EntertainmentChris and Amanda Murphy talk about being married business owners and the importance of resilience during a hit to their industry. No need to disclose, she is the boss.

Chris Murphy & Vince Merlina

Chris Murphy and Jergel’s bartender & owner of Merlin Grafix Vince Merlina, are on a mission  to help live music through their initiative  Help Live Music!  It showcases and sells branded merchandise  while helping bands get future  bookings with portions helping each venue / band during the restrictions of the pandemic. No need for a concert ticket,admit your band info for free here !

25:15 – Elyse Levkulic

South Hills native and food blogger, Elyse of IG  @burghnosh , arrives with baked goods ready to talk about a feel-good initiative with the #mypghtakeout. It allows food places the chance to showcase takeout offerings in one spot on social. There’s always a way to support the local dining scene and avoid doing a lot of dishes, too!.

37:57 – Katie Dudas

(Dudders) : Penguins Foundation 50-50 Raffle seller and social media guru Katie “Dudders” reunites on the podcast after chronicling her journey with breast cancer (she rang the bell!). From honest truths about her journey, [romantic] Sid Crosby moments, and now piecing together how she will connect with others who cope with cancer, she has become everyone’s idol! Plus, she is responsible for the #MyPGHTakeout.

54:55 – Mark Ferrari

Mark Ferrari Music  sings his heart out on the fireplace tour while reminiscing on his past openings for Natasha Bedingfield, Ceelo Green, The Blue Oyster Cult, and more! C atch him on Froggy Radio and talking here of his passion for song writing while he serenades audiences with his hit singles,“Black and Gold,” and “Love Suicide.”

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