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You Dirty Dog!

Jagoff Dog Pittsburgh Jagoff

I don’t dislike Tanner, but he makes liking him difficult when he barks incessantly.  Specifically, each time a zoom is beginning, or when it is my turn to speak during a WebEx meeting, or when John is simply reporting for work….like he does every day. 

Yesterday was by far one of the worst “Tanner needs out again” days.  It is a game my kids and me play.  We are the ones home with him (not my husband) and we take turns leaving our screens to let Tanner outside to gawk at a squirrel or pretend he will tackle a deer.  But yesterday he took off, leaving my youngest in tears.  This is not unusual. But he returned a muddy mess.  The true definition of dirty dog. 

He tricked John and snuck into the house before the kids could hose him off.  He refused a bath and barricaded himself under my bed…for three hours.  He finally made his way downstairs and when my husband returned home, not a bark to be heard. Not a whimper, a whine, a yelp.  Nada. Rabbits were dancing outside the sliding glass window to taunt him and Tanner acted like a nun in church. No barking here. 

Who knows what today will bring, well who are we kidding, we know it will bring barking. Just no mud rolling, ya jagoff! 

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