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Holiday Candy Jagoffery

YaJagoff Blog about Holiday Candy

As evidenced by the photo above, nobody likes the “creams” in these boxes. Especially the maple and strawberry creams. Those are the ones that you try to gently nibble the chocolate coating off of when you need a severe chocolate fix and those are the only 2 pieces left as your taking the tree down.

Go ahead! Eat the peanut clusters, the caramels, the dark chocolate covered coffee beans and the milk chocolate turtle. Poke your thumb into the bottom of the creams and secretly put them back. Enjoy yourself! There are zero calories in this if eaten before January 10th. But…. once your done stuffing your face, throw the paper wrappings in the garbage…. Ya Jagoff!

  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing


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