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Needed: Ya Jagoff Sailors and Boat Builders ASAP



The Three Rivers Regatta is coming up, July 2-4th.  Again this year, they are holding an “Anything That Floats” race.  The winning team wins $2,500 for their favorite charity.

So here’s the deal.  There will be a Ya Jagoff vessel in this race and we need 9 people to be on the boat.  If you want to help but don’t want to be on the boat, we could use vessel builders, team support, beer and chipped ham sandwiches!

Want to be on the team?  We need:

A vessel design engineer: Someone to take charge in a boat design.  (I can’t nail two boards together without screwing it up)

A safety officer: Someone to bring life jackets for all team members and 25′ of safety rope.  (I don’t think my Dollar Store Floaties are gonna cut it)

Costume Designer:  Someone to tell us what we are going to wear so that we look like a team.  (We will provide the Don’t Be a Jagoff t-shirts)

Human Power: Rowers, paddlers, feet kickers..someone to make that thing go fast

Support Team: Someone with a truck or trailer or whatever we need to get the vessel to the river the day of the race (I ain’t carrying the thing up Carson Street and through the North Side)

If we have more than 9 people interested in being on the vessel, we’ll hold a raffle.  Once the team is assembled, we will determine the charity of choice for the winnings.  Possibly, the Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation.

By they way, if you want to know what day and time the race is, I have no idea. The details are not on the website yet but, all of the legal paperwork for everyone to sign is there!

Comment below or email us at YaJagoff (at) comcast (dot) net Subject line REGATTA!

OK.. who’s in?



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