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More Airline Baggage Belt Jagoffery – Travel Reminder

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For the veteran readers of this blog, you know this is a major pet peeve…..the people that think that they have to stand in the front row of the baggage claim machine. It has been years since we’ve written about this and nothing has changed.

This ain’t no different than thinking that you have to stand in the front row of a fireworks display!  It makes zero sense! The fireworks are up in the sky!

In the pic… everyone just standing around. Even dudes with backpacks that stick out 4 1/2 feet and who don’t realize that they are whacking people with those packs as they spin around. And then you have the people who must have reunions right along the belt as people are trying to squeeze through on their hands and knees to grab their bag before it goes around again.

All because hanging out 5 feet away from the baggage return belt just isn’t a good spot for some reason.  Maybe we should deploy Kennywood rules here…. STAY BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE until your bag comes!

Solution: The airlines are now charging for better seats and extra carry-on bags.  I’m now all for the idea of charging for a baggage return spot. $25 premium if you want to stand in the front row and block mine, and everyone else’s, view of what bags are coming.  But, until it’s your paid spot, if you’re gonna stand there while the bags are scooting a long, you’d better expect to get an Brad Marchand-kind-of-dirty-body-check from me AND my suitcase in your kidney, if your gonna block my access.

STEP. AWAY. FROM. THE. BAGGAGE. BELT and make room for everyone else, Ya Jagoffs!

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