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Political Jagoffs

Mitt Romney In Westmoreland County

We’re uni-political for this blog.  So no matter WHICH party has candidate that acts like a Jagoff, well, we jump in.  This political stuff is so crazy and nasty thanks to the “consultants” so we need to lighten it up a bit.

When you think of it, it’s really only a matter of time before ANY politician at that high of a level says something Jagoffery and the press or their competitor makes a big deal of it.

That being said, remember the last time Governor Romney came to town and tried to talk cookies? He was doing his best to look like a “regular guy”  and, reflecting on the cookies, said:

“I’m not sure about these cookies,” Romney said, and continued to tease one of the women at the table: “Did you make those cookies? You didn’t, did you? No. No. They came from the local 7-Eleven bakery or wherever.”

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Does the cookie comment tell us whether or not he’s gonna be a capable President or not?  NOPE.. but it created some silliness in the press and some cool press for the Bethel Bakery. And of course a shameless post for our blog~~~

To that point, we thought we would have some fun on this post and make up some potential Romney statements that could come out of his visit to Western PA.  We even posed the question last night on Facebook and got some ideas from our followers:

So you have a boat on the river?  What do you pay your Captain and how many Chefs do you have on-board on the weekends? (Ours)

Your’re great city is known for it’s Steel Mills, I owned several steel mills! (Bill Smith, FB Follower)

(At Primanti’s) I replaced that greasy coleslaw on the sandwich with caviar and the fries with a lovely side of mashed potatoes. Do normal people actually eat this? (Chris Sloan, FB Follower)

l heard your football team was named for an industry that’s mostly nonexistent here now…. I have friends that own football teams. (J. Eric Persun, FB Follower)

I hear the official colors of Pittsburgh are Black and Gold. I like gold, I really do. Now, would the black be representative of Ebony or perhaps Pearls, such as the rare Black Pearls in the necklace I recently purchased for my lovely wife at Tiffany’s? Of course, I didn’t actually GO to Tiffany’s, they came to me, but you get what I”m saying. Now, where were we?  (Mary McAnallen, FB Follower)

I hear the Pirates are doing good.  Does Bing Crosby still come to the games reglularly? (Ours)

So the Ohio and the Allegheny form the Monongahela? ..mangling the word Monongahela like everyone does – (Don Selzer, FB Follower)

Hey, I have a pair of jeans just like that.  Do you need a number of a tailor so that you can get a seam sewn up the front of each leg? (Ours)

So the point is….. no matter what side you represent, most politicians with their toys and their respective staff, more than likely, do not truly understand the daily life of the rest of us “regular guys.”  But that’s ok as long as they don’t TRY to fake being one!

What they ALL do is try to be something different to every group based on what shirt color their consultant says to wear, or how far they should roll up their sleeves depending on the local style, who they should have standing behind them in photos, whether or not they wear a hat, etc. etc.

We say, to all of the candidates, if ya got a money and a private plane and you earned it.. BE PROUD!

FIRE THOSE HIGHLY PAID WARDROBE COACHES AND WHAT-TO-SAY-TO-WHO-CONSULTANTS, use that money to purchase an ad that shows a blurred-eye-bulging pic of your opponenent, then just be yourself, YA JAGOFFS!!!!

Don’t forget to check out our t-shirts.  Proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research at Magee Women’s Hospital.

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