We’re uni-political for this blog.  So no matter WHICH party has  candidate that acts like a Jagoff, (by embarrassing us or talking crap on ‘the Burgh) well, we jump in.

While we were all fretting about the Penguins this past weekend, Mitt Romney came to town.  And he was doing his best to look like  “regular guy.”  As you can see from the pic above, he was doing OK, except for showing up to a picnic-table-cookie-lemonade party in a starched shirt and tie.  No biggie though, maybe he was coming from another event.  Besides, when we HAVE seen him in jeans, THEY looked starched too.

To the point, Mitt wanted to make some small talk and, THIS is what he seems to be incapable of.  So with the group, he looks at some cookies on the table, from Bethel Park Bakery, and says,

“I’m not sure about these cookies,” Romney said, and continued to tease one of the women at the table: “Did you make those cookies? You didn’t, did you? No. No. They came from the local 7-Eleven bakery or wherever.”

From “The Hill”

So here’s our point….if you don’t know how to make small talk, DON’T ’cause it really does just show how out of touch you might be.  7-11 makes cookie trays???  Nope!  But they DO sell packages of 3 or 4 Oreos or Snackwells for about $85 each.  If he was a common small-talker, he would have said, “Hey, you got any milk?  I’m a dunker!” or “No thanks on the cookies, I’m sure they’re great but they go right to my hips!”

And why does it matter where the cookies came from and why would you take the chance at asking, “You didn’t bake those cookies did you?” And why did he ask the WOMAN at the table vs. the guy about baking the cookies?  Clearly Mitt has NEVER had the unpleasant opportunity of making “small talk asumption” faux pas like, “Would you like to have my seat since you’re pregnant?” and then the lady answers, “I’m not pregnant!”  Or, when you don’t know what to say about a new baby and you say,”She’s so cute in that outfit!” and the mom returns with, “His name is Robbie and his grandmother gave him that outfit right before she passed away!”

We’re not here to beat Oven-Mitt Romney about this too much because, none of this has any bearing on whether or not he can be President.

But what WE are concerned with: what kind of small talk trouble might he get into with Presidential situations?

While visiting Peking:  “Hey, this chair’s not made in China is it?  I don’t want it to break when I sit in it!”

While visiting a chemotherapy clinic: “Hey, does anyone know where to get a haircut around here?”

While talking to a group of high schoolers:  “I love the remake of that classic movie called, The Whiz Kahlifa of Oz!”

While visiting Primanti’s: “I think the chef screwed up and put my fries and cole slaw on my sandwich!”

Warning, to all candidates, STOP LISTENING TO YOUR COACHES AND CONSULTANTS….. and just be yourself, YA JAGOFFS!!!!


NOTE:  What ELSE would you be afraid of him SMALL-TALKING about?  Comment below.



  1. Surprise – 7-Eleven does have its own cookies. They are made fresh EVERY DAY by 14 7-Eleven-dedicated, expert bakeries across the US and delivered 365 days a year to 5,500 7-Eleven stores, along with donuts, muffins and other baked goods.

  2. Potential Romney faux pas:

    “Wow, that ‘Jarrowmeer Jagger’ has been playing with Pittsburghfor a long time.”

    “I especially like the Steeler cheerleaders.”

    “Blue collar town? What does ‘blue collar’ mean?”

    “I met a real sweet gal down on Liberty Avenue who gave me several suggestions to help solve the job crisis.”

    “I like the nickname that the City of Pittsburgh has given me. I don’t know exactly what ‘Jagoff’ means, but it certainly sounds Polish.”

    ; >

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