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Parking Lot Jagoffs

If THIS Post Doesn’t Tick You Off….

WOW!!! We’re not fighters but this one would make us throw SOMEONE to the mat and dive off the top turnbuckle with a pile driving forearm to the forehead!!!!

Here’s the message that came with the pic:

A fully disabled man was forced to sit in the parking lot in the hot sun because he couldn’t get into his van due to another vehicle parking (not even in a marked spot) against his marked wheelchair access door.

From Aldi’s lot in Belle Vernon, PA

This isn’t just stupid, it’s completely ignorant!

Do any of you know what the fire department is permitted to do if you park near a fire hydrant and they have to use it? They can break the windows and run the hose through your car if they see fit to do so.

We believe, in this case, the person who was denied access to their vehicle should have been able to exercise this type of authority and taken it upon themselves to open and shut their wheelchair access door/ramp multiple times in rapid succession, AGAINST the side of the white van that was blocking it, until the van’s ramp and access door was able to open fully!! (Of course leaving a gaping whole in the side of the white van so that, when that driver reports it to their insurance, they have to make something up like, “I crashed into the same iceberg as the Titanic!)

Hey Mr. OR Mrs. I’m-so-self-important-My-task-in-Aldi’s-is-more-important-than-yours-so-I-deserve-a-space-4-feet-closer-than-any-other-parking-spot, we suggest that the man in the wheel chair gets to force feed you bran muffins, oatmeal and prunes along with 87, bottles of Gatorade, 86 bottles of I.C. Light and 7 bottles of a liquid diuretic (since everything important in Pittsburgh is 86, 7, or 87). Of course prior to that, we have some of our favorite electricians connect his genitals and eyelids to an electrical circuit that activates when it gets wet…. sort of like we all used to get shocked when we put our tongue on a 9-volt battery.. not deadly, just painful. (Yes, we saw the movie Law Abiding Citizen.)

Of course, the man in the wheel chair then gets to put his wheelchair ramp up against YOUR drivers door and watch you squirm trying to get out.

Hey Peter Parker, unless you’re running into the Dollar Store next to Aldi’s to get a Fire Extinguisher AND an Automated External Defibrillator because your Uncle Sammy’s passed out on the lawn and his house is on fire, park your vehicle in between some of those line thingies, Ya Jagoff!!!

Special thanks to Facebook Follower Scott M. for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher!!!

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