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Parking Jagoffs

Horrible Parking Woes Continue

It’s been a while since I dedicated a post to parking jagoffs,  #PeterParkers as we call them here.

For some reason, people continue to just not care about what those little lines are for on the parking lot surface OR how others conform to the painted-line norms.

Upper Left –> Trader Jack’s Flea Market

Upper Right–> Pittsburgh Mills Mall

Bottom Center–> Unknown other than, in that there Handicap Spot

While we do not recommend damaging anyone’s vehicle, pretending you’re a driver in a back-hoe at a junkyard smacking these cars around is almost as invigorating as talking about how much of an idiot Johnny Manziel is or how much of a Jagoff Tom Brady is…. ALMOST!

When you see #PeterParkers, here’s what we recommend that you do… other than sitting in your car, waiting for the drivers to come out and then, like you did back in first grade, from a distance, pretending that you’re squishing the drivers’ heads in between your pointing-finger and thumb!

We recommend having some chalk to write on the ground – highlighting the Jagoff Parker’s mistake.

Then write on the ground.

Take a photo of the car and chalk.

Submit the photo to us.

Place this printed note on/near their car.


Just click on this or download it and hit PRINT.


It will print 2 tickets on a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.

Do NOT ruin anyone’s vehicle!!

Thanks to Facebook followers, Jason SnyderChuck Feroce and Audrey Joyce for being our Honorary Jagoff Catchers

How do YOU think we should cure #PeterParkers woes?

Comment Below.. each comment entered into a raffle for a prize

Prize announced on tomorrow’s blog post.