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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – AND A Charlotte Parking Jagoff!

It’s October and that means its Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So we headed to the Charlotte, North Carolina “Race for the Cure.”  The trip was worthwhile in that we were part of about 18,000 people raising over $1 million for breast cancer research!  Here’s a 3-pic summary of the race:  Picture #1 we marked our territory on Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers.  #2 an obvious HUGE number of spectators that turned out  #3 a campaign sign-holder Jagoff SHAMELESSLY promoting their candidate while most of us are ready to pass out (he’s completely unaware of our shirt).

And now to the parked car at the top.  Shortly after I rounded the corner on Summit Street, there was the Jagoff Holy Grail, something that just made this a “business trip,” – a person that took about .000084 seconds to park their car.  Because pointing out Jagoffs is our civic duty and not just a hobby,  I broke off of my blazing 13-minute mile pace to stop, turn around, and take the pic (the guy running right behind me with a stroller was none too happy with my quick-stop-photo-op.  If he submits me as a 5K Jagoff, we would be obligated to make the post but I doubt he knows what a Jagoff is!)

Maybe this Charlotte-Parker had a good excuse for the back of their car being almost 3 feet from the curb — like, maybe they were coming home from a late night binge, suddenly saw thousands of people running at them and freaked out and quickly ditched into the first spot they saw.  Or maybe they actually had a side-car attached to the vehicle when they parked and then someone stoll the sidecar!! (See, we give everyone the benefit of doubt.)

Back to this being the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month – we have THIS to say:  Pittsburgh’s Race For The Cure gets about 30,000 people on Mother’s Day (be sure you regsiter) and breast cancer now has a greater than 90% survival rate sooooooooo, HEY BREAST CANCER, we’re closing in on you, YA JAGOFF!!!


NOTE: Thanks to all in Charlotte – Family, event organizers, spectators, sponsors AND ESPECIALLY the Parking Jagoff on Summit for making the trip worthwhile!!!


Don’t forget that we sell our “Don’t Be A Jagoff” T-shirts to benefit breast cancer research.  Click on my Celebration Tag below to order.





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