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Parking Jagoffs

A New Jagoff Catching “Hero”

Look at our man… our new Hero of “Peter Parkers” …tagging us with chalk-talk, right there!!!

Some photo as been floating around the internet of a car that parked poorly with the word A#$hole written in chalk behind it!!  Well, our man, Jman, has taken this Jagoff catching to a new level.  Make sure you take note of the Jagoff Catching Challenge at the end of this blog post.

So here are the LATEST Jagoff Parking pics that have come in from, Twitter feedFacebook and Instagram . (No Vine videos yet!)  As usual, if you don’t understand the  “Peter Parker” reference, click here “Peter Parkers.”

In the meantime, check out these pics, one of them, from Ross Park Mall, delivered to us just yesterday afternoon!

First up, the Ross Park Mall pic.  When contacted, mall security said they were too busy working on other stuff to respond.


And here’s one from a deputized Jagoff Catcher and Pittsburgh connection in Hyde Park, New York!  By the way, this car is parked in a NO PARKING area AND opposite of the ONE WAY sign!!!

And then look at this. You have to wonder what the driver thought when the damned door hit the meter!!!! “Hey, who installed these meters so close to the cars??”


And who needs lines when ya have a caddy!!  That’s it, the older you get, the SAFER it is to drive a car the size of an AIRCRAFT CARRIER!!!

And finally, this person from Hawaii, must be a track star… thinking that they have to lock in to the starting block and get a head start on the race for home!!!

Sooooooo below is the sample photo that has been passed around the internet.  But………………

………..Jagoff Catchers can do better!!!!

Grab your chalk, like Jman did, and have at it!!  See the sample below that we made with our Jagoff-estrator.

Who’s next??  Send your pics to us at!!!



Special thanks to @nsuki (Twitter), Brian Dixon, Deb Bohan , Bryan R. (Facebook) and  @808norit from Instagram, for being Honorary Jagoff Catchers for today’s blog post!!!  And thanks to Jman H (Facebook) for the very first Jagoff Chalk Talk photo!!!


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