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Driving Jagoffs

Does He Think The White Line Is The Line From His GPS?

Yesterday’s post was interesting.  Brought out tons of Sweet-talkin-Do-ya-kiss-your-mother-with-that-mouth Ravens fans on Facebook and on the blog post comments.

Now to today’s post, and the pic above.  The driver doesn’t seem to realize that the whole objective is to keep the car BETWEEN the Yellow and White lines.  Something tells us that there’s probably a bumper sticker somewhere on that car that reads, “I never met a guard rail that I didn’t like!”

Ok, so we can see an occasional I-sneezed-and need-to-reach-for-a-Kleenex-or-Dripped-some-coffee-Dropped-a-piece-of-chocolate-candy-bar-on-my-seat-and-I’m-afraid-its-gonna-melt-into-the-seat-of-my-kahki’s maneuvers where a driver swerves over the line then comes back.  But this…. well….

Maybe this is the long, lost line painting supervisor from our post last week.  Remember the painted raccoon?

Click The Pic To Read About This Poor Fella

Maybe this driver’s spouse sells mailboxes for a living and business is slow so they’re looking for a few mailboxes and posts to smack into?

Orrrrrr, maybe this driver’s showing their political view, i.e. how far to the RIGHT he/she is!!!  If that’s the case, he/she is further right than the 700 Club multiplied by the O’Rielly Factor and raised to the power of Pat Buchanan.

Hey Right-side-Rudy, it’s pretty clear you failed coloring in the 4th grade for not being able to stay inside the lines, no matter HOW FAR ya stuck out your tongue.  We have no idea what you’re doing but we DO know how to fix it.

If you were a bowler, we’d tell ya to move 4 little boards to the left to fix the problem. But since we DON’T know if you know bowling, and you clearly don’t know DRIVING, we suggest going back to the the driving minor league,  the Turnpike Ride at Kennywood.

There, you learn, very quickly, that, when you drift to far to one side or the other, the car bounces off of that center rail and yanks your neck into repetitive whiplash.  That should help with the ol’ between the lines thingy, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to Clique Vodka model, Damaris, for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher for today!

Don’t for get to download your free “Yer phones ringing Ya Jagoff!” ring tones.

Click the pic to find sample them.

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