Yesterday was a cool day to be a Pittsburgh sports fan.. the Buccos won, the Steelers won.. Pittsburghers left the Pirates game on TV even though the Steelers game had started!!!  WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?  Yep, tons of fans stayed on Root Sports to watch the end of the Pirates game DESPITE the fact the Steelers game had already started.

But, late last night was “Breaking Jagoff News!”  On our Facebook page, someone posted about a bar in Grasonville, MD that recently became a Steelers Fan Bar.  After trying to support the Baltimore market as a haven for Ravens fans and basically getting very little business (i.e. support to stay in business), the bar became a Steelers Bar.

Here’s part of the message that Red Eyes Dock Bar posted on their Facebook page:

Red Eye’s Dock Bar takes great pride in being an establishment where everyone is welcome. Our guests come from several regions including MD, PA, VA, NJ, DC, and more… Over the past three years we have tried to establish Red Eye’s as a place where NFL fans could come to watch the games during football season…We promoted and publicized it yet had very little turn out. We were forced to limit our days and hours of operation because of the lack of turn out. When we were approached to become a Steeler Bar we saw absolutely no reason not to accommodate them based on the lack of interest and support from other teams’ fans.. Red Eye’s Dock Bar will always be a place where everyone is welcome regardless of what team you are rooting for.

After that post, over 600 nasty comments were posted about the bar and it’s owners.  Here’s just a sample:

Most of the comments were pretty nasty, swearing and calling for a boycott of the bar.  There’s even a new Facebook page about “Boycott the Red Eye Bar!” (We refuse to post the link).

And like whiny first-graders, the Ravens fans come up with, “well you wouldn’t want a Ravens Bar in Pittsburgh…mlah…mlah…mlahhh!”  LOL.. those are BRILLIANT comebacks. Where in the world are the “You’re mom” comebacks from 4th grade era ???

To the folks at the Red Eye Dock Bar, good luck!

To the classy Ravens fans who are embarrassed by the actions of some others, stay strong.

One note Ravens-Mensa club members, a boycott is when a whole bunch of you STOP going to the bar.  How can you boycott a place most of you didn’t go to ALREADY???

Now how cool would it have been for some of you to simply organize a “RAVEN-RAVE” where hundreds of Baltimore fans show up in Ravens gear and eat and drink to show the bar how much you will support them???

Nope.. it’s just easier to sit at home and type nasty stuff on Facebook.

To the “let’s boycott” ring-leaders, keep your money you still have from your first communion and keep posting nasty things.  In the meantime, Steelers fans will help the folks at Red Eye Bar, Ya Jagoffs!!!

Here’s the Red Eyes Dock Bar website link

Thanks to Facebook Follower Gail Blaker for the info and for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!!!

Jagoff Challenge:

Those if you who follow us know that we NEVER advocate a boycott of anything!  So, here’s your challenge, be the first one to get a pic of yourself in one of our “Don’t Be A Jagoff” t-shirts, will get one of our chairs, one of our umbrellas and one of our travel mugs!!!

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  1. I being a ravens fan and a local wanted to clear something up that you on here might not know. The business at red eyes has been down for quite sometime, why you ask??? Well they fired a breast cancer survivor for asking to have an exception to the uniform made because of her scars from the surgeries and treatments. She was employed by them for years prior and loved her job . Please don’t misconstrue the problems they are having now because they didn’t have enough ravens fans. We as human beings stopped being customers after their heartless act

    • Thank you for clearing that up. Being a RAVENS fan, I didn’t know the reason why business was slow, but i’m sure it had nothing to do with FOOTBALL. I did read about that a while ago about the employee. I guess the “Black and YELLOW” fans have to try and take charity when it is given to them. The RAVENS fans have made Baltimore Football what it is today and according to the NEWS, Baltimore has the BEST FOOTBALL FANS in the NFL…….

      • Best fans in the NFL according to who? BALTIMORE NEWS!!!! EVERYONE KNOWS STEELER NATION IS THE BEST GROUP OF FANS THERE IS!!!! And charity…seriously? There are Steeler bars in every state in this country….Im pretty positive that if you tried to find a ravens bar anywhere but the east coast you would have a hard time….see…we have been the same team from the start…you guts on the other hand are a mix of brown, colt and raven crap…..why…because you guys don’t know how to support a team through the tough or lose…A STEELER FAN IS A STEELER FAN!!!! GOT 6?!?

  2. I agree with Katie. Red Eyes didnt lose business bc of Ravens fans. They lost business bc of the economy and lack of effort to keep people coming in. You want to be quick to call ravens fans immature for making a page to boycott them, yet you took the time to post a blog about it. Ravens fans have a right to be upset with a business that they have supported for so long in MARYLAND. Now all of the sudden its a steelers establishment. News flash, there are far more ravens fans here than steelers fans, so if red eyes thinks their business will improve from the change, they are sadly mistaken.

  3. Red Eye Dock Bar is a very popular bar on Marylands eastern shore.. As you might expect, being a dock bar, they do crazy business in the summer, but its dead in the winter, so they pretty much shut down. With little business during football season, someone decided to host the local steeler bandwagon club. It has not been a popular move with the people who go there during non-football season, so i’m sure the owner will change his mind. or at least we hope so. its funny, that the kent island area is really about 65% Raven fans and 34 % Skins fans, with the remaining 1% either Cowboy or Steeler bandwagoners.

    • Nice try Bart. I live on the lower Eastern Shore. There’s way more Redskins fans than Ravens. More Steelers fans too. The only Ravens crap you see on cars is the magnets they give away at the bank, and half of them are upside down to show how lame the ratbirds are. Hardly any Cowboy fans. There’s more Steelers bars in Ocean City than ratbird bars. Some moron in a pretty purple shirt made a comment about my Steeler shirt on the Boardwalk this weekend. I told him it was nice that his wife let him borrow her pretty purple shirt. Everyone started laughing (even my level-headed Raven fan friend)…he said, “uh, uh, uh, yeah but…”. I said, ” 6 is greater than 1, even a Baltimoron knows that!” Everyone in line at Thrashers laughed at him, and he actually got out of line and walked away. Loser!

    • Right….People are on the Steeler bandwagon??? Who’s team has been around the longest…certainly not your team. When did your city show any loyalty? The dolts left and you got Cleveland’s old team, bwahahaha…

      • I think you guys sucked for 50 years before winning a championship. Baltimore won in 58, 59, 70 , and 2000. we won the USFL in 1984, the Grey Cup in 1995. We won the World series in 66, 70 and 83. The Maryland Terps won the championship in football in 1953 and basketball in 2001(see if PItt ever did that). As for teams moving, did you know that the New York Yankees began life as the Baltimore Orioles who won the National League pennant in 1898 and 1899. By your logic, I guess we claim those 20+ championships too. We bow to no city.

  4. You Pennsyl-tucky toothless redneck!! Does anyone actually read this blog? At least you’re one of the few in western Pennsyl-tucky that has a job. But, you probably don’t get paid more than 2 cans of mtn dew per article.

  5. Cant we all just get along?! Regardless of the team we love, we all have one thing in common, we love football! We all love our teams and thats why we stand up and support them, and the teams wouldnt be such rivals if they were not the best in the league.

  6. Whinning first graders is the perfect description for ravens fans!!! Why is it they feel the need to infiltrate and comment on our Steeler blogs and fan pages? We don’t go to their pages (why would we want to?!?) So why do they come to ours? Pry because they know they will never win a Superbowl with flacco at the helm and they just want to rain on our winning parade!!! Get a life idiots!!!! And just so you know….PITTSBURGH HAS BEEN ON THE TOP 10 PLACES TO LIVE IN THE USA LIST FOR A WHILE NOW…..ITS A BEAUTIFUL CITY UNLIKE YOUR GHETTO, THUG FILLED

  7. I am here because on a Ravens site several Steelers fans came to the site making numerous negative comments and using profanity. They proved to me how immature they can be. I hope this is not all of you. I will see by the response I get from this post. Mr or Ms Stellersfanallday, you made a comment that “We don’t go to their pages”. Well, that is not true. If it wasn’t for all the negative comments made I would not be here writing on this blog. I only found this site because of the ignorant fans that are misrepresenting you and your team. Yes, you have 6 championships in 80 years. Baltimore has 4 championships. The Colts had 3, and the Ravens have 1. So, without anymore rhetoric I will say, 35 – 7, A Sweep, and then Tebowed. What have they done for you lately?

    • Thanks for the post… we don’t support the swearing.. as a matter of fact, tons of Balitmore fans posting nasty stuff on our Facebook page.. trying to draw us in to a bullying/swearing contest… thinking that they finally tired out…we agree with your post and we know that the few that were on our page do not respresent all of you Ravens fans…real fans would be able to co-habitate during the game, “jag” each other, swear at the refs (not each other) and then shake hands after the game..

  8. I bet your Mommy and Uncle Daddy are proud that you can count to six. I bet you have to take your shoes off to count to 20… then your pants off to get to 21. Keep coming to our FB page, the comedy helps pass the day while we work at our jobs. You know, a “job”? That’s the place you go and actually work to earn your money, but Pittsburgh wouldn’t know anything about that.

    Ah, Pittsburgh… the only city so broke that they can afford only one color scheme for all their pro sports teams. Oh, except for those cute baby blue Penguins jerseys.

  9. Well well how can so many Pittsburgh fans be mad that ravens fans don’t want a steelers bar in Maryland? It’s the steelers fans who look stupid its MARYLAND not Pennsylvania take that steelers crap back to pa md got two teams we support redskins and ravens point blank period Marylander for life!!!!!!

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