DiCello_fisheye liberty bridge sunset ice river


How many times this week have you bitched about the cold?  How many days in the past two weeks has the weather been the top story on the news?  How many times have you felt that cold wind blow up trough the crotch of your trousers or through your skirt making it feel like ya had a Peppermint Patty between your legs?

Our cars are dirty, our gas bills are high and our faces are chapped to the point that, if I bumped my nose on something, it would probably break right off.  And if I could only get the damned thing to stop leaking continuously  every time I go in doors, I’d be happy.  And so would the dry cleaner that cleans the cuffs of my shirt sleeves and coats.

But wait… Pittsburgh photographer Dave DiCello takes a picture above and suddenly, I love the winter…. look how great Pittsburgh looks in the middle of the coldest winter in 20 years.

Dare I say…”Bring on more ice so that Dave can take more pics?” Hell no!  I won’t take my life into my hands like that.

In the meantime, ya know there are many interpretations of the word, “Jagoff.”  One of them is like saying, “we cool bud.

So, hey Dave DiCello, awesome pic.. thanks for making me forget about all of my bitching about the cold for a few minutes (at least until I had to go back outside and start my car) Ya Jagoff!!


Watch the Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff video with Dave HERE

Find the Dave DiCello website and Pittsburgh pics for sale by clicking on the logo pic below.




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