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Latrobe Banana Split Festival

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: What’s the scoop? At the Banana Split Celebration in Latrobe

August 23, 2022


There’s a lot to listen to in Latrobe this week at the Greater American Banana Split Celebration. President of Laurel Valley Chamber of Commerce Briana Tomack, Director of Greater American Banana Split Princess Pageant Jackie Churley accompanied by the 2021 and 2022 Pageant Princesses, founder of Wildcat Championship Belts Andrew Lazarchik, and owner of Valley Dairy Melissa Blystone give us the scoop!






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What is the most absurd banana split topping?

3:24   Briana Tomack

President of Laurel Valley Chamber of Commerce, Briana Tomack, shuts down the controversy over where the banana split was invented. She highlights the lavish Latrobe area with mentions of Mr. Rogers, Arnold Palmer and more. Briana sprinkles some inside scoop on the original banana split recipe.

12:12   Jackie and Amaya Churley and Lily Zenba

As Director of the Greater American Banana Split Princess Pageant, Jackie Churley dresses up the podcast with the two most recent Pageant Princesses. Aside from bragging rights, Jackie tells us that the Banana Split Royalty get to enjoy other Latrobe events and even be Santa’s helpers. Amaya Churley dreamed of being in a parade since she was five years old. Lily Zenba shows off her beaming banana earrings.

19:37  Andrew Lazarchik

Owner of Wildcat Championship Belts Andrew Lazarchik talks championship belts for hotdogs, wrestling, and fashion. Andrew is a self-taught belt creator and  has made belts for babies and animals, though those aren’t the craziest requests he’s received! Which famous MLB player wanted a Wildcat belt for his wedding?

31:02    Melissa Blystone

Owner of Valley Dairy Restaurants and keeper of the original banana split recipe Melissa Blystone shares the original ingredients. She also reveals the ripening process to produce the perfect banana. The family business helped her appreciate the prestige of the banana split. However, nobody can do the splits like Valley Dairy can.

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