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Resting on the Jobby Job

Parking chair! Wake up!  You have ONE job, and not to overly harp, but Pittsburgh kind of made you who you are and this is the thanks? A repSIT?

This was the day of rest: Sunday, sure. The sun was hot, okay. The parking lot nearby was full so maybe you were making a point? Point taken.  But, parking chair, you are not just any ‘thing’ used to reserve a space.  If that were the case you’d be an ugly orange cone.

Yinzers made you who you are, the epitome of holding a parking space, and this is the thanks we get? You are not known as the Philly Parking Chair, or NY Spot Saver, I mean look you even get capitalization: The Pittsburgh Parking Chair. Last point, you are on OUR beer can; a local celeb I’d say.  Get it together parking chair(s), there is no laying down on the job, ya jagoff!

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