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Three Rivers Arts Festival

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: The TRAF Report 2022

June 7, 2022


The Jags venture to Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival at the Backyard Stage at 8th and Penn. Sarah Aziz explains the week’s TRAF activities while Ranney stops by for an encore performance with special acts with the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company Theater of Black and White.





Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

Summer means festivals, outdoor events and community collabs with Rohrich Honda. Expect a pop-up parking lot event in June, the return of Little Italy Days, and Pierogi Festival to name a few. Plus, you need a way to get to all the fun, so stop by our Bloomfield location and snag the vehicle that is right for you. As always visit for all of your vehicle needs.


It’s festival season! What is your festival vice, that bad for you item ya just can’t pass up?

4:22    Sarah Aziz

The Three Rivers Arts Festival was relocated to the city’s cultural district with art surrounding two square blocks on Penn between 6th and 7th Street and another one on Fort Duquesne. Stay tuned for jazz at the Backyard Stage on 8th and Penn Street to continue through September. As soon as the 10-day festival ends, there will be one food and drink vendor remaining at the Backyard Stage for four months! Sarah highlights where to park, how to navigate traffic, and how best to get where you want to go on foot. She’s TRAF’s walking app. This Saturday, watch out for performances by Goody Mob and CeeLo Green!

25:13    Ranney

If you’re a Pittsburgher, his name is spelled Ranney, but pronounced ‘Rainey,’ and while he doesn’t love ice cream, this artist works with the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company Theater of Black and White. In the beginning, it was a group of black playwrights with white directors, and white playwrights with black directors, but NOW it includes playwrights and directors from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The organization hosts six plays, and to close out TRAF, they have one piece by the legendary August Wilson that Ranney will be performing himself!  Head to 805 Liberty Ave. on the weekends at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays to catch a show!

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