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Aldi or Aldi’s PeterParker Pic

Jagoff Pittsburgh Blog

Look at this driver or, how we say, #PeterParkers pic!

As we know, in Pittsburghese, everything gets an s… a plural.. Walgreens, Sheetz’s and of course Aldi’s… and, in this pic, the parking spotS because the knucklehead took two  spaces.  Like, not even a slight mistake. It’s right down the middle, as if, this was a bowling car, this would definitely be in the sweet spot for a strike!

Seriously though, are you  the same person that stand in that critical space at the grocery store, the space between the end of the aisle and the cashiers, talking to your friends?  Are you all middle-children-syndrome people looking for attention?

Get outta the way Ya Jagoffs!!!

Thanks to @Stede Bonnet for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher at the AldiS at the Block Northway.

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