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Yikes! The Superintendent: Do as I Say, Not as I Do!

YaJAgoff Blog

Well, this is one of those stories where you’re happy for the people involved but, not happy about their bad decision making.

According to the page, the Monessen school district superintendent got caught with less clothes on than desirable in public and, allegedly, having sex in a public parking lot. When asked about why this was going on, the selected partner for the super’s activity, told the police .. they didn’t know anyone would be watching!  Haaa.. nobody watching?  You’re in the parking lot of a high rise apartment building in the open bed of a pick up truck!  People are bored with TV this time of year, of COURSE they would be watching!

Listen you two love birds, or LUST birds as it may be, good on you for being 55 and 61 and still having the fervor to do crazy-kid sex things!  It’s exciting to see and should be encouraging to many but…. but how are we gonna explain this to the high school kids? Even more, don’t you watch Instagram, Facebook and TikTok??  Do you not yet realize that EVERY corner of this earth is under the watchful eye of some kind of security or door bell camera, YaJagoffs??

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