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#YaJagoffPodcast: J&D Waterproofing 2021 Porch Tour first stop OHIYA Tahnship

July 13, 2021


The J&D Waterproofing 2021 Porch Tour makes its official stop #1 at Erin Bellinger’s house in Ben Avon. Actor Sophie Guest from the critically acclaimed Amazon prime show “Them” returns to YaJagoff! She is accompanied by the new Food Editor of the Post-Gazette, Gretchen McKay, and her PG photojournalist, Ben Braun to talk about food and the journey of journalism! Brandon Payne of That Payneful Music brings the porch tunes.

Music: Brandon Payne of the Payneful Music



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Question of the Day:

Porch item you can’t live without? Chair, drink, music, or something else?   

What was on the blog:  

Jagoff At The Self Checkout

Finally! A TikTog Jagoff

The Power Of A Shower

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2:22 Sophie and Amy Guest

Find actor Sophie Guest on Amazon’s critically acclaimed, horror anthology series “Them” and upcoming “Dear Zoe” set to debut in the fall 2021. Starting in acting has both been talent and luck with traveling  happening between LA and Pittsburgh as a normal routine. The 15-year-old sets her eyes on her travels to Italy, soccer skills, and time with family. Plus she is neighbors with Gretchen McKay, typical Pittsburgh!

17:37 Gretchen McKay and Ben Braun

The NEW Post-Gazette Food Editor, Gretchen McKay, brings her writing pad and photojournalist intern to the party to discuss…you guessed it- FOOD! Trendy topics like pizza grill ovens and having a famous neighbor, she teases her five seconds of fame in movie frames too. Find out how she got started in the writing biz and what movie you can find her in for your next binge watch. PLUS, stay tuned for her porch tour article hitting the press July 22!

Post-Gazete photojournalist Ben Braun checks in at the party to discuss his early photo journey while snapping some porch party pics of the pool, abundance of food and maybe a sneak peek at the items collected thus far. With a new assignment every day, he certainly finds joy behind the lens.

30:25 Brandon Payne

Singer/songwriter Brandon Payne of That Payneful Music brings his guitar to heat the porch party with tunes like his single produced in less than a week, “Better Days,” and another acoustic favorite, “Wine & Moonshine.” From everyday pizza cravings, music inspos, to playing in the Washington, PA area, find out about his live upcoming 2021 gigs here.

38:54    Porch Host Erin

Possibly wearing the crown of ultimate porch tour PARTY thrower, Erin, and 40 of her closest friends, gathered to celebrate AND fundraise some Zack Packs, and we have seen a stack of donated gift cards already! The elementary teacher just completed her porch oasis during the Covid shutdown and may have been seen putting the fear of God in attendees for more supplies to pack Zach Packs.

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